Yu-Gi-Oh 2010 Championship Card pack

O Pack do Campeonato Mundial, contem dez cartas nunca antes lançadas nos E.U. mais de dez cartas reimpressas, serão disponibilizados aos participantes.

Disponível no Campeonato do Mundial de 2010, ao participar no Stamp Rally os Selos para trocar por Packs Do Campeonato Mundia 2010.

WCPP-EN001 Droll Bird Rare


This monster stuns its enemies with a massive beak and ear-piercing wails.

WCPP-EN002 Key Mace Rare


Enemies' hearts will melt at the sight of this small fairy's cuteness.

WCPP-EN003 Obese Marmot of Nefariousness Rare


An ill-mannered field varmint that will sink its teeth into anything.

WCPP-EN004 Wilmee Rare


A rabid rabbit that shears through opposition with its sharp skewers.

WCPP-EN005 Key Mace #2 Rare

DARK/Fiend/ 4/1050/1200

This fiend brings out the worst in everyone.

WCPP-EN006 Great Bill Rare


Nothing escapes from this beast's massive mouth.

WCPP-EN007 Alligator's Sword Rare


'ey, dis mighty lissard man can swing his sword so fast, dat it's more dan da speed a sound!

WCPP-EN008 Monster Eye Rare

DARK/Fiend - Effect/1/250/350

You can pay 1000 Life Ponts to return 1 "Polymerization" from your Graveyard to your hand.

WCPP-EN009 Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon Rare

WCPP-EN010 Vampire Genesis Rare

WCPP-EN011 Infernal Flame Emperor Rare

WCPP-EN012 Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo Daedalus Rare

WCPP-EN013 Gilford The Legend Rare

WCPP-EN014 Dark Eradicator Warlock Rare

WCPP-EN015 Exxod, Master of the Guard Rare

WCPP-EN016 Simorgh Bird of Divinity Rare

WCPP-EN017 Super Conductor Tyranno Rare

WCPP-EN018 Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon Rare

WCPP-EN019 Alligator's Sword Dragon Rare

WIND/Dragon - Fusion - Effect/5/1700/1500

"Baby Dragon" + "Alligator's Sword"

This card can attack directly if the only face-up monsters your opponent controls are EARTH, WATER or FIRE.

WCPP-EN020 Mooyan Curry Rare

Normal Spell Card

Select one player. That player gains 200 Life Points.
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